Training and qualification programs

JAVA programming

The JAVA programming language is the technology of the future in Internet systems development and in information systems development, and

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development is a web development technology that allows developers to fully understand development on both the client side


Angular is the newest technology for building SPA. The system enables the rapid and secure construction of rich web applications


The Python language is an object-oriented programming language. The language is simple, makes it easy for the programmer to learn,

Managerial Career

Today, managers are often required to use a wide variety of management skills. They must know how to lead and

Complementary workshops

Writing a resume

Among the content learned: the proper design of a resume, adjusting the resume to specific positions, your first CV in

Preparing for a job interview

Among the content learned:  Self-presentation, responses to common questions, nonverbal messages, includes simulations of job interviews and feedback.

Active/Effective job search

Among the content learned: Job hunt on social media, LinkedIn training, networking for the job search in various circles, and

Language workshops

In order to maximize the employment possibilities for the participants of the program, language workshops offered: a workshop in professional