Who we are

Forsatech is a subsidized government program
which aims to integrate students and graduates from the Arab society, who have studied or are studying
technological professions, into the high-tech industry.

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Training and qualification programs

The training program was developed to provide a training response that is adapted to the employment
needs of knowledge-intensive companies, provide professional services in a variety of activity areas
from identifying needs, assessing knowledge gaps, and developing training and qualification programs
that are adapted to the ICT industry in Israel.

Managerial Career

Today, managers are often required to use a wide variety of management skills. They must know how to lead and motivate their employees, get more
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The Python language is an object-oriented programming language. The language is simple, makes it easy for the programmer to learn, and can be used to
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Joining the community of mentors

Candidates at Forstech who undergo training and qualification need personal guidance and mentoring both while searching for a job and during the first stages in the company at which they have begun to work.
Mentoring is the path toward personal and professional empowerment, improvement and maximization of abilities, and achieving personal goals.

Complementary workshops

Language workshops

In order to maximize the employment possibilities for the participants of the program, language workshops offered: a workshop in professional English. In these workshops, the
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