Managerial Career

Today, managers are often required to use a wide variety of management skills. They must know how to lead and motivate their employees, get more senior managers and colleagues involved, provide high-quality service, and all while meeting their personal and professional goals.

The training will provide tools that will help the manager’s work in dealing with various  administrative situations such as mentoring, motivating dealing with changes, managing work interfaces, managing according to targets, and more. In addition, the cultivation and positioning of the manager will be emphasized.


* Development of personal and professional skills – project management, time management, drafting workplans, management according to goals, decision-making, prioritization

* Interpersonal skills – communication, motivation, productiveness, dealing with conflicts, teamwork, managing employees, pro-activeness and more.


  1. The participants will be exposed to administrative tools that will enable skill development.

Management (personal and interpersonal)

  1. The participants will conduct an in-depth analysis of situations from the management field and will gain experience in solving problems.

Target Audience

Intended for graduates from the Arab community who have been employed for more than a year and a half in the industry, and are earmarked for management positions, with an emphasis on previous graduates of the program.


Course graduates will receive a completion certificate.

Scope of the program:

64 hours spread over eight sessions of eight academic hours each.

More details about Managerial Career?

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