Cyber security implementation course

Cyber threats have become the current challenge in the new business environment, and in recent years, they have become an existential threat to countries, companies, and even citizens.

In view of technological development and the adoption of a digital environment for governmental, business and personal uses, the requirement for professionals in the area of information and cyber security with the talent and skill to identify penetrations and protection against future threats has grown among companies and organizations.



  1. The participants will gain command of the installation, management, operation and maintenances of cyber defense products.
  2. The participants will get to know and learn a routine security procedure application.
  3. The participants will gain experience in identifying and handling security incidents.

Target Audience

BA graduates and students toward completion of their BA in Exact



Cyber Implementation certificate

Scope of the program:

100 academic hours: 20 sessions of 5 hours each.

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