Application Development Course

Smart mobile phones have been in the general domain for quite a while, and many companies are investing in their mobile applications. Advanced technologies make it possible to create unique services and a wide variety of applications. As a result, there is large demand for application developers in the hi-tech industry.

The JAVA programming language plays a major role in the development environment, among other things due to being an open code language that is appropriate for any platform and makes it possible to write a uniform source code without depending on the work environments.

Android is an open code operating system that is intended for mobile devices with a Linux core, and that enables developers to program applications for mobile devices based on this operating system. Development for Android is done in a JAVA-based language with special divisions for working with the device.



  1. The participants will understand and write code in the JAVA language.
  2. The participants will acquire advanced techniques in
    Object Oriented Design.
  3. The participants will learn how to create an interactive interace for information processing and extracting results from databases.
  4. The participants will learn how to develop and apply programming adapted to web pages.
  5. The participants will understand and learn how to design and program applications for Android-based mobile devices.

Target Audience

BA graduates and students toward completion of their BA in the Exact


Scope of the program:

120 hours spread over 20 sessions. The sessions will be held in the following format: Two weekly sessions – a daytime session of 8 hours and an evening session of 4 Hours.

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