Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development is a web development technology that allows developers to fully understand development on both the client side and the server side. The development field has recently undergone change. If developers previously had to understand mainly one side of the barrier – the client side or the server side,  they now understand both sides.


  1. The participants will master all the abilities required for the entire application process.
  2. The participants will gain an acquaintance with the various stages in the development process, such as planning and design, through programming and writing code, to completion and receipt of the final product ready for the client’s use.
  3. The participants will implement what they have learned in a final project.

Target Audience

BA graduates and students toward completion of their BA in the Exact Sciences.


At the end of the course, with participation in at least 80% of the sessions, participants will receive a Full Stack Developer certificate.

Scope of the program:

120 hours spread over 20 sessions. The sessions will be held in the following format: Two weekly sessions – a daytime session of 8 hours and an evening session of 4


More details about Full Stack Development?

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