The Python language is an object-oriented programming language. The language is simple, makes it easy for the programmer to learn, and can be used to create a program in a short time. One of the large advantages of the language is managing automatic memory at high speed, similar to JAVA, which saves a lot of work for the programmer. Many companies in the hi-tech industry use this language, including Google.


  1. The participants will get to know the principles of programming in the language.
  2. The participants will learn how to do complex analyses using the available analysis tools in the language.
  3. The participants will gain practical experience in the use of the Python programming language.

Target Audience

BA graduates and students about to complete their BA in Exact Sciences.

Certification: At the end of the course, with participation in at least 80% sessions, participants will receive a completion certificate.


Scope of the program:

120 hours spread over 20 sessions. The sessions will be held in the following format:

Two weekly sessions – a daytime session of 8 hours and an evening session of 4 hours.

More details about Python?

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