Students or graduates in a technological profession

Students about to complete their studies or graduates of engineering and practical engineering studies in the exact sciences and technological sciences who are part of the following degree courses:

* Computer engineering * Software engineering * Mathematics * Statistics * Physics * Chemistry * Computer sciences

* Information systems * Electronic Engineering * Electrical Engineering * Biotechnology * Bioinformatics

* Computational biology * Life sciences * Biomedicine * Industrial management.

Technological workers who are at the start of their careers in joining a technology company, who are interested, or whose managers are interested, in their empowerment, training and qualification during their absorption into the organization. (The candidates must have employment experience of no more than half a year prior to the time they submit their candidacy.)

Graduates of technological studies who have not joined the profession they studied and are working in other professions, who are interested in joining the labor market in the profession they studied. (Completed their studies no more than 3 years prior to the date of submitting their candidacy)

Knowledge-intensive industry brings together economic industries with technological power and high technology
 – the development and manufacturing of conventional pharmaceuticals and homeopathic drugs
 – the development and manufacturing of computers, electronic and optical instrumentation
 – the development and manufacturing of aircraft, satellites, and peripheral equipment
– computer programming, computer consulting, and other peripheral services
 – communication services
– information services
– scientific research and development
– the development and manufacturing of chemicals and chemical products
 – the development and manufacturing of electrical equipment
 – the development and manufacturing of navigation, targeting and wireless equipment
– the development and manufacturing of motor and towed vehicles
 – the development and manufacturing of transport and other shipping vehicles
– the development and manufacturing of medical, dental and orthopedic equipment.

  1. In order to join Forstech and become a candidate for positions in the profession that you studied, in leading companies and organizations, and enjoy the training, qualification, and mentoring guidance, you must fill out a short questionnaire/examination that presents your fitness.
  2. If you are found fit, your personal details will be fed into the Forstech system, and Forstech consultants will get in touch with you to set up your placement and/or have you join one of the training or professional qualification programs, and/or arrange for a mentor to guide you.

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