Joining the community of mentors

Candidates at Forsatech who undergo training and qualification need personal guidance and mentoring both while searching for a job and during the first stages in the industry.
Mentoring is the path toward personal and professional empowerment, improvement of abilities, and achievment of personal and professional goals.
The mentor normally has a mature personality with tremendous knowledge and experience both in professional fields and in organizational management, who guides and assists by sharing with the student the values, knowledge, experience in their areas of specialty, and various resources that are available.
All of these make it possible to build a process of personal and professional development.

The mentoring process is a win-win situation. It is a process that enriches both sides – the mentor and the student. For the mentor, it provides the opportunity to deepen and expand their areas of knowledge and their personal and professional skills. For the student who receives the mentoring, it is a possibility of relaying on the mentor’s previous knowledge and know-how.

Forsatech’s mentors get a unique social opportunity. On the one hand, there is the immense contribution to Arab community in integrating  into technological organizations in Israel. On the other hand giving of their knowledge helps to emphasize the mentors’ personal and professional achievements.

At Forsatech, we are looking for you, senior employees in hi-tech, to guide the next generation towards the breakthrough of tomorrow in the areas of advanced technology.

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