JAVA programming

The JAVA programming language is the technology of the future in Internet systems development and in information systems development, and is considered one of the most popular and useful programming languages in the world JAVA provides abilities to build PC applications, but its main use is for mass industry purposes that are typical of the Internet age. The JAVA development world is considered challenging and dynamic.


  1. The participants will become acquainted with basic tools and terms in the field of programming.
  2. The participants will learn and understand how to do object-guided programming.
  3. The participants will gain experience in the JAVA programming language in the final project.

The qualification program is intended for –

BA graduates and students about to complete their BA in Exact Sciences.


Certificate of completion in the JAVA programming language

Scope of the program:

600 academic hours, spread over 85 sessions that take place

Over four months, eight hours per session.

More details about JAVA programming?

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