Training and qualification programs

Our preliminary methodology at Forsatech for offering qualification courses for candidates is based on –

  1. Identifying employers’, from the standpoint of human capital, educational requirements, talents, tranding professions and capacity to recruit candidates from the Arab community or without experience.
  2. Finding and screening potential candidates from the Arab community that meet Forsatech’s criteria.
  3. Filtering candidates through professional tests, language skills, fluency in English, and personal traits.
  4. Personal interviews in relevant fields of employment in the  industry.

The training program provides solutions to the needs of knowledge-intensive companies, via professional services in a variety of activity areas from identifying needs, minimizing knowledge gaps, and developing training and qualification programs that are tailord to the ICT industry in Israel.

Forstech is a program that is adapted to people from the Arab, Druze and Circassian sectors who have completed studies in the fields of engineering and exact sciences.  The program’s objective is to enable them to join the local employment market with the help of mentors in the earliest stages of the process.

The training program was developed and built to provide a response to the following objectives:

  1. Filling information gaps in a structured and methodical manner – exposure to the professional knowledge required by knowledge-intensive companies, practical exercises of knowledge in a computerized environment, independent experimentation, peer learning, and visits to industry.
  2. Guidance in the process of joining an organization – creating synergy and integration between the workers and the organization through training at the stage of taking the position on issues of development of a common professional, cultural

    And administrative language, and strengthening work interfaces.

  3. Preserving and maintaining know-how – Getting updated on professional knowledge on relevant professional topics, in a dynamic and changing content world.
  4. Acquiring personal development skills – acquiring knowledge in the area of searching for and finding work, getting to know relevant terms, filling cultural gaps, and developing interpersonal skills. Exposure to administrative tools that will enable an emphasis on the worker’s values and commitment, the development of management and leadership skills to lead change that is appropriate for current and future administrative challenges, acquiring strategic tools to achieve goals and targets.
  5. Visits to industry that allow the program’s participants to learn about organizational culture in the technological world, and about the working world in general, to gain, and to experience them in practice.

Professional qualification is intended for candidates from the Arab sector who meet the criteria for gaining employment in knowledge-intensive companies and were found to be unprepared for immediate appropriate employment in knowledge-intensive areas of industry, but were found to be fit for placement in one of the professional Qualification courses. The professional qualification tracks at Forstech enable the participants to obtain useful professional knowledge that is adapted to the current needs of the industrial employment world, thereby helping those outside the circle of employment to integrate into the labor market.